Scary Lights and Other Fascinating Things

Hold on a sec…the cake timer just started beeping…

Ok, I’m back. The cake is done, and is now cooling. :)

Today is our oldest sons 22nd birthday. Wow! How’s that happen?? But that explains the cake coming out of the oven.

Last night at about 11, he came knocking on our door “There’s something wierd going on out here”

We’re like “What???”

He said “There are lights that keep going on and off out here. All over the place.”

D told him that the kids had let lightening bugs loose in the house.

He said “Oh….”

ROFLOL…………And we really were!!!! lol

When we got up this morning there was a jar with a lightening bug in it sitting on the piano. With a note that said “Do NOT (underlined several times lol) Let These Loose in the House!!!!


The Phone company was out today, for the second day in a row. At least today, they fixed our phone. He said one of the old jacks from another phone line we used to have was still live (had a dial tone) and one of the wires in it shorted out, and affected the phone line we use.
Not sure I’m buying that. Because in the first place, if the line still had a dial tone, I’m SURE the phone company would have still been billing us for it!! And how can one phone line affect a totally seperate phone line?

Anyway, at least it’s fixed! For which I’m thankful.

We were supposed to go camping tonight at church, But I received a message that it was cancelled. I don’t know why, as my phone wasn’t working, and they had to call my mother in law next door and leave a message for me over there. The kids are bummed. Yeah, I am too. It would have been fun! In a stay up all night and I’ll have a migraine for 3 days sort of way. No, it really would have been fun, and totally worth the migraine!

I have chili cooking for Cincinnati style chili and spaghetti. Yummo!

And then, it’s on to the cake!!

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