Recycled Garden Marker

Last year I was looking for garden markers to make as they are very expensive to buy. I found this idea somewhere, I can’t remember were. They are really easy to make, and look great in the garden.

Recycled Garden Marker

I cut the top and bottom off a soda can. be very careful as the edges are sharp. Once you have the long piece, cut it to the desired size, make sure you leave enough extra around the edges for folding over. Fold over the edges using pliers (that’s what I used anyway), then make a hole in the top for hanging.


To write on it, put the marker on something soft. A magazine works well. I used a ball point pen to write the information on the metal. The ink doesn’t work on the metal, but the pen indents the metal.

I then used a metal clothes hanger, cut to the right length to make a hanger.

Here’s the back of the garden marker. I made this last summer, and it stayed outside all winter. The marker itself weathered well, but the hanger is rusted.


Recycled Garden Marker

This is a easy way to use recycled materials in your garden. The soda cans stand up to the weather very well.

What do you use for garden markers?


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  1. Excellent use of found materials!

  2. Judy Thomas says:

    These are a great idea! Thank you.

  3. Judy Thomas says:

    These are a great idea! Thank you.I love them


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