W.W.W. Wednesdays

* What are you currently reading?Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore This book is different than her other books that I have read. Every chapter has several pages of Bible verses that pertain to the subject of that chapter.


The Messianic Church Arising! by Dr. Robert D. Heidler Looks like it talks about the early church, Biblical feasts, and what the church will look like in the future.

* What did you recently finish reading? – I didn’t finish any this week! gasp!

* What do you think you’ll read next? Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann “a spellbinding tale of true connections severed and the devastating consequences of life lived alone” – from the back of the book. My daughter read it and she said it was pretty good.

To see more reading lists, visit Should Be Reading.

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