Saturday On The Farm

Saturday on the Farm

This week, we’ve been eating spinach and lettuce for the garden. So good!

Over the winter, I had to take all the rocks from my herb garden to use in another project. So on Thursday, I put new rocks in. Abby helped me carry and place them. Eventually, there will be a block wall 2 blocks high, with cap stones on top, so I can sit on it while tending my herbs. But for now, I like the rocks.

The horehound didn’t come back this year. So I will have to plant more. I have never been able to get rosemary to grow in this garden, but I shall try again this year. I also need to get the annual herbs planted.
This little tin man was made by a local man. He needs another coat of paint this year, looks like. His joints are starting to rust. lol  In front of the tin man you can see a clover plant. This plant has lots of 4 leaf clovers, and we’ve even found a few 5 leafs on it. 

There are a few volunteer wild strawberries in this garden. Last year, we got a few little strawberries on them. I didn’t see any blossoms this year.

I put together these little planters, and planted some herbs in them. You can see the little seedlings in the bottom pot.

The feverfew is blooming. The original plant was in the herb garden, but it seeded itself in the planter between the herb garden and the stairs, you can see it in the first picture.

The Ecinacea – purple cone flower – are getting so tall. There are a lot of buds on them. There is another little one on the right hand side of the big one. You can’t see it, because the chives have grown so big. Guess its time to trim them back.
You’ll have to excuse the weeds, the free range chickens have something against mulch. I have to get some more garden netting to put over the mulch before I can put any out. Otherwise they spread it all over the yard.

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