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This summer, I’ve shared how I canned squash, onions, & corn.

I haven’t shared any recipes, because I don’t have any canning recipes of my own. I usually stick to the recipes in the Ball Blue Book of Canning.  They didn’t, however, have instructions for canning whole onions. I had to go searching online for those instructions.

Here’s what I ended up doing with my onions:

I peeled the onions and left them whole. I boiled the onions for 5 minutes. I then placed the onions and 1/2 teaspoon salt into a pint jar (use 1 tsp. for quart jars) and filled with the cooking liquid. I processed them at 10 pounds of pressure for 40 minutes for pints & quarts.

See my little jar of onions on top of the squash? I only got one jar with the onions I had. I’m planning on making creamed onions for Thanksgiving this year with onions from our garden. I love creamed onions, and it’s a good thing the jar is in the cabinet out of sight, or it might not make it to Thanksgiving!

I did share about my canning earlier this month, along with where to buy a canning kit.

I told you about re-usable canning lids, then I found that Granny Miller shares her review of them. Since I haven’t bought any yet, it was nice to read her review. Now I know for sure I want to try them.

Sweet Preservation has canning labels you can print out. What a great way to dress up your canned goods for gift giving.

Why you shouldn’t can like your grandmother did is an important article to read for your families safety.

Here’s another article to stay save while canning.

Pick your own has canning instructions and recipes from applesauce to zucchini.

Mary at Owlhaven is sharing her canning recipes. She has even included videos to help you get started.

I love growing our own food and preserving it. I like to can, freeze and dehydrate. The growing season is not over for us yet. We have a fall planting in now. Including several rows of our favorite green beans that I plan on canning.

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  1. thanks so much for linking up to our Canning party. I use the bell cookbook a lot. It seems like your pretty adventurous with your canning, I hope lots of other bloggers will find encouragement from your post and give canning a try!!!

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