Saturday On The Farm

Saturday on the Farm

We got a break from the heat this week. Which was so welcome! We got a lot of rain this week, though.

I had planted a few vine pomegranate melon seeds in the spring, but I never saw any plants. Either they didn’t come up, something ate them when they were little, or my helpers weeded them. Either way, I didn’t get any of my little melons. The lady from church that had given me my first one a few years ago found out I didn’t grow any thing year and gave me one. I enjoyed having it. When it started to go soft, I cut it open to save the seeds. We have tried them in the past, and they taste like mild cucumbers.

These little melons go by many different names. Vine Pomegranate, Plum Granny Melon, or Queen Anne’s Pocketbook Melon. The date back at least 1,000, according to what I have read. In the Victorian Era, they carried them in their pockets. They used them as perfume & to mask odors.

I haven’t carried any in my pocket, but I love the way they smell. I love that I can walk into a room and smell them. It’s kinda of a melonish aroma, but not straight melon. It’s hard to describe.

For such a small melon, they have a lot of seeds!

It’s a fun addition to your garden.

We got the fall plantings in. We planted lettuce, spinach, peas, green beans, carrots, beets, and I think they put cabbage in. Our first frost isn’t normally until sometime in November, so we have time for everything to grow.

I actually like fall gardening better. There are less bugs, and the weather seems to cooperate better. In a couple of weeks the temps will cool down to only the 80’s during the day. Even until the end of October, we have temps at least in the 70’s during the day.

Check & see what your first frost date is, then check the back of the seed package for “days to harvest”. You might be able to plant another crop where you are, too.

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  1. My name means Wisdom says:

    Just found your blog linky on twitter so I thought I would add a recent post I did about all the watermelons we have from our garden and co-op. I will go in and add a link to this post though.

  2. Henny Penny says:

    That melon is interesting. Your lucky to have such a long season. I am fortunate if I can get a few red tomatoes on the vine before the first frost. And this year has been cold.

  3. FrugalMom says:

    In a week or so, I will be linking up, because our season is starting now, and I won a $50 gift card on to Home Depot..yeah!

    Thank you for participating in the The Wednesday Window @ Frugality Is Free . I hope you will join me again for this week’s Wednesday Window, the 9/1 Wednesday Window opens up tonight at 10 p.m.

  4. That sure is a lot of seeds for such a little melon. Coming by from Wednesday Window where you were featured this week.


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