Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Last week, I helped the girls make a pie using a recipe I had written down form a tv program. It was easy for the girls to put together. We used a frozen pie crust that we defrosted & placed in our pie plate.
I was out of aluminum foil (gasp) so the crust got really brown. Yours will look prettier, I’m sure! We used mini chocolate chips, because that’s what we had. They did melt faster, though. I would recommend letting the butter cool sufficiently so the chips won’t melt. That would give the pie the appearance of a chocolate chip cookie.
No matter that our chips melted, this pie tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie! It was delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

1 9″ unbaked pie crust
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup flour
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup walnuts or pecans
1 cup chocolate chips (or more)

In a bowl, mix the sugars, flour, beaten eggs, butter, vanilla. Stir in nuts & chocolate chips. Spread filling in unbaked crust.

Bake at 325 for 1 hour.

Can cool & freeze up to 3 months. Thaw & serve.

I think these would be great for pot luck dinners. I would love to have a few of these stashed in the freezer. Trouble is, if my family knows they’re in the freezer, they will eat them!  Maybe I can mark them “liver” and they won’t know they’re pies! lol



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  1. Anjanette says:

    mmm! Looks delicious – thanks for linking up!

  2. yum yum!

  3. So rich and decadent! This would be a great pie to have stashed in the freezer for unexpected company!

  4. Looks very yummy!!

  5. MMM! That looks yummy. Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. I need to make that right now!!!

  7. that looks yummy! I love chocolate.

    I'm a new Wednesday Window follower. Have a great day.

  8. Your pie recipe looks so good I just had to print it out :) And I can so relate to your comment about if you freeze any, they will all get eaten. That happens around here when I freeze cookie dough "to be baked later." It never does get baked because various fingers pop the dough balls into their mouths before they're even cooked. Thanks for sharing this pie recipe. I hope to try it soon.

  9. FrugalMom says:

    The name made my mouth water….yummy! I'm about to bake with the boys, but we cannot decide on what to make. Too bad we don't have any chocolate chips.

    Thank you for participating in the The Wednesday Window . I hope you will join me again next Wednesday.
    If you have any giveaways, I invite you to link up tonight at The Fantastic Friday Giveaway Linky , which opens up on 10 p.m. EST Thursday night.

  10. Jen @ BigBinder says:

    I am so glad you wrote this recipe down from the TV show – it looks AMAZING! And I love that you can freeze it; my friends and I do a dinner swap and I'd love to start giving them a desert other than cookies.
    I have a little Recipe Roundtable carnival on Sundays, it goes up around after church-ish time :)I try and be a good hostess and tweet your link, so if you want to join us we'd love to have this recipe (or another one, but this one just looks super good…)

  11. The Happy Acorn says:

    Looks yummy! Do you think the nuts might be able to be omitted?

  12. Jen – Thanks! I'll look for the Recipe Roundtable on Sunday!

    And, yes, the nuts can be omitted. I didn't use any!

  13. *drool* Bookmarking this one.

  14. Ann Kroeker says:

    It's been a decade or so since I last made this dessert, but I *loved* it. Now here you've reminded me about it…shall I blame you for the next five pounds I gain? Or my elevated cholesterol readings? 😉

    I do have guests. That's a good time to go a little wild with dessert, isn't it?

    I think I'll dig around for a frozen pie crust….

  15. Alison @ Hospitality Haven says:

    Oh yum!! That looks absolutely fabulous.

  16. Ann, good desserts eaten with good friends don't have any calories!

    Hope you found that pie crust!

  17. Looks yummy!!

  18. Amy @ Finer Things says:

    That would be a fantastic thing to have stashed away for a quick potluck or last minute treat to bless someone. 😉

  19. Mandi @ It'scome2this says:

    Oh my goodness that looks delicious!! I don't know if I could share it;)


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