This is our second year celebrating Passover.  This has been such a great addition to our families walk with God.
I wasn’t able to get too much done ahead of time due to not feeling well. So Monday morning I searched our cabinets and refrigerator for anything containing any kind of leaven. I did this while talking with the kids about what I was doing, and why. They helped me read the labels, too. I didn’t let them in the cabinets, though. They tried, but I couldn’t keep track of what I had gone through with them moving stuff around. This is what I found:

So the kids and I had an eclectic lunch. lol They made Resurrection Rolls with the 2 packages of Crescent Rolls. (And ate them all!) I had my gluten free pizza and gluten free pancakes that I had in the freezer. The kids ate all the crackers, too. We shared the gluten free chocolate cake that I had stored in the freezer. I was surprised to find a couple of vitamin samples had baking soda in them.

I put the loaf of Challah bread wrapped in foil in the freezer we have in our shed. We don’t feel that throwing away our food is being good stewards of what God has given us, so we box up the food with leaven, seal the box, and place it in our craft room. Our craft room is the least room in the house. Half the time, we keep the door locked. The kids know we’re not supposed to eat anything with leaven so we don’t  have to worry about them sneaking anything out. Still, I sealed and labeled the box just to be sure no one got into it by mistake.

I forgot to take pictures of our Seder table the first night, so these pictures are from the second night.

Last year, I made Seder plates for everyone by gluing paper cupcake liners onto paper plates. The first night of Passover, we just used our diner plates. For this night, I took foam plates, labeled them, and placed on top of our dinner plates. The white bowls are water for washing our hands. I left the cloth napkins out of this picture, but we use those to dry our hands on.

We don’t own any wine glasses, but my husband found these little glass cups at a thrift store. They are embossed with grapevines & grapes. They work great for our grape juice. Since there was only the 6 of us for dinner, I used the other 6 cups for the salt water. Someday, I’ll have a nice glass pitcher for our grape juice, for now, I use that tall plastic one in the left of the picture. I have to refill it often, but it works.

Here’s a place setting, and you can see how I labeled the plate.

Our matzah bread cover.

A full Seder plate.

We have looked forward to celebrating Passover all year. It’s a special time to remember what God has done for His chosen people and us, Christians grafted in. We have special family time learning more about God’s Word, make donations to help others, and grow closer to God.

Here are some links:

Books that we use:

A Family Haggadah
A Christian Observance of Passover The Haggadah
The Messianic Passover Haggadah
Christ in the Passover – Why is This Night Different?
Seven Blessings of the Passover


The Passover Problem Solved
Crash Course on Passover
The First Passover – with links for coloring sheets
Yahshua and The Passover Week – with links for coloring sheets


The Secret Trick to Boiling Gorgeous Eggs for an Excellent Seder Plate
Chocolate Covered Carmelized Matzoh Crunch
Chocolate and Coconut Dipped Matzah Desert

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