This Week’s Favorites – Easter and Passover

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, or both, here are a few links that I like:


How Do You Celebrate Spring Holidays?
TPagan Easter
The Passover Appeal


For those that color eggs, here are a few links:

Natural Easter Egg Dyes
Vibrant Eggs Dyed Naturally
How to Decorate Brown Eggs for Easter


Of course, you have to have food!

Gluten Free Easter Recipes
All Natural Homemade Marshmallow Chicks – Sweetened with honey!

Gluten Free Matzo
Matzah Recipes Galore
Passover Weeknight Skillet Chicken and Potatoes

Passover Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread


And here are a few of my links:

My Passover post from last year.

Resurrection Rolls – We used to always have these on Easter. Now we usually have them after Passover.


Happy Passover!      Happy Easter!

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