My Canning Cabinets

I love canning and preserving food that we grow. When you have a small kitchen, storing all those canned goods can be challenging.

My Grandmother used to keep her canning jars under the beds. lol Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that here. My kids would totally reach down and help themselves to an applesauce snack!


I bought the cabinet in our dining room from a local man. He’s in his 80’s and still builds things. I bought this a couple of years ago, we recenlty bought two wooden rocking chairs from him. He does awesome work.

Anyway, it makes a great cabinet for storing home canned food.

Our dishwasher died over three years ago, and I decided not to replace it. I acutally don’t even miss it.  When we took it out, I had my husband put some shelves in the opening and I made a curtain for it. It has made a great canning cabinet. I even have room on the bottom for my two water bath canners. My pressure canner is stored elsewhere in the kitchen, as it wouldn’t fit under the shelf.


We have been blessed with a productive garden, and awesome neighbors who have shared their corn with us, so I’ve done a lot of canning, with much more to come. I think I will have to find some place new to store the canners, as I will need the space for jars.

Not a bad problem to have, I must say. I have canned even more since I took the pictures of these cabinets last week. The dining room cabinet is full. Well, I can fit in one more half pint jar, but that’s all. And the kitchen cabinet is filling up fast.

The tomatoes are just starting to come in, and I planted a LOT so I could can a lot. :) We have picked the apples, but I haven’t started to can them yet.  I just might have to store some jars under the beds!


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Here’s two links that didn’t make that list:

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Have you done any canning this year? Where do you store your jars at?

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