Saturday on the Farm

Yes, I know it’s Monday. Monday is the new Saturday. Not buying it? Ok, I’m just behind. lol


I was so happy to find a blossom on the Passion Flower Vine. I had seen buds this summer, but had missed the flowers. This one decided to visit the Lambs Ear. There’s another bud that I see. Hope I can catch the flower, too.

We had another great harvest week.  The green beans are still producing. Although I think we will most likely only get another picking, two at the most. This is Hannah picking green beans. She’s about 5 feet tall and she’s standing between the two rows of green beans. They have grown over the row again this year. Every year we say we need to put the fences farther apart. And every year we say ah, that’s plenty of room. And every year we end up putting them too close together. lol We are going to try again next year for an open path between the rows. I think I’ll have them move the fence as soon as this harvest is over before we forget. lol

Because  going in to pick green beans means coming out looking like this. lol Not to mention all the bug bites.

She did find a snail. Although, I couldn’t talk any of the kids into eating it. lol

Here’s what we harvested that night, which was Tuesday.

We have picked more yellow squash, tomatoes, and raspberries this week. However, my husband forgets that I want pictures, and just adds it to the ever growing produce pile. Also known as our dining room table. lol

The cucumbers are finally slowing down. I have made a ton of pickles. Well, ok, maybe not a literal ton. But quarts upon quarts upon pints upon half pints. I’m done making pickles. We just going to have to eat all the rest of the cucumbers raw. I know as tired as we are getting of cucumbers, we shall miss them when they are gone.

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Here are a few links that I found interesting and helpful.
How to Make Powdered Eggs – I’ve frozen our extra eggs before. This looks like a great way to preserve eggs, no freezer space required.
How to Propagate Roses – I want to try this!


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  1. I can’t wait to plant a vegetable garden! My husband is anti-green anything for some reason, so when I re-landscaped around our house with tons of flowers and flowering shrubs, he nearly died. I think it’s because his mother’s house has only evergreen shrubs and two very old rhododendrons that are virtually dead, lol. My mother and I both love fresh veggies, but somehow both managed to marry men that wouldn’t eat something healthy to save their own lives, so planting and growing my own will be the best way to guarantee mom and I get to enjoy veggies whenever we want, and hopefully help my 2 young sons love them too!
    Cheryl @ Coffee with Cheryl recently posted..“What are you doing?”My Profile

  2. Hi Linda, So glad to see your garden is doing well. We have been enjoying tomatoes, green beans and zucchini. It’s time one could plant for a cool weather fall crop such as lettuce, spinach, radishes or peas again…don’t know if I’ll get it done or not.
    Beth recently posted..Of Clematis and CaterpillarsMy Profile

  3. That looks like quite the bean harvest! Passion flowers are so amazing in their minute details! Such a beautiful bloom. Glad you were able to catch it.
    Shirley @ The Gardening Life recently posted..The End or the Beginning: Celebrating the GardenMy Profile

  4. What a harvest! I have the same problem of not remembering how big things can get :)
    Rebecca recently posted..Yardlong Beans…My Profile

  5. I love this post! I am also a fan of the passion flower…yours is the same colors as mine!
    since the summer is winding down here in Alberta, it will be nice to be able to see all the flaunts both past and present from all those who get to garden year round. I made FF open to photos from past gardens for those who are in climates that stink on ice like mine! lol
    Thank you so much for linking in this week…and for flaunting with me. I look forward to many more flaunts from you!
    Friday’s Flaunts are a privelage for me to host. I love getting to be inspired by some of the most wonderful gardeners I have ever had the privelage of “knowing”
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
    Tootsie recently posted..Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Sept 9/11 (and a huge announcement)My Profile