Crocheted Dishcloth Tutorial

I have been making my own dish cloths for a few years now. I love them! They are so much nicer than store bought dish cloths. They make great gifts, too!

I use 100% cotton yarn. The regular worsted weight yarn does not work for dish cloths. I’ve heard bamboo works well, also, but I haven’t tried it yet.  The yarn I used for the dish cloth in these pictures was given to me a few years ago. I’ve made quite a few over the years, but only have enough left on the cone for one more, I think. Since I haven’t bought any cotton yarn to use for these, I don’t have a link to share. Once I buy some, and am happy with the results, I’ll share a link.

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve been using this 100% cotton yarn, Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, and the dishcloths come out great. This is a large cone of yarn. You’ll have plenty for dishcloths, washcloths, etc. (Note, this is NOT the yarn I used in these pictures)

crocheted dishcloth


The last few dish cloths I’ve made, I’ve made with raised stitches so they have more scrubbing power. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but you can see it better in the video below.

crocheted dishcloth

Ok, you can see the raised stitches better in the picture below:

Here’s how I make my dish cloths:


Crocheted Scrubbie Dish Cloth


100% Cotton Yarn   (it doesn’t take too much, you’ll be able to get a few out of a skein)

Size G Crochet Hook


Stitches Used:

Half Double Crochet – HD

Double Crochet Around Post – Shown in video


Chain 22, Half double crochet  in 3rd chain from hook and HDC across. Chain 2, turn.

HDC in 1st stitch, *Double Crochet around post of stitch below, HDC  in next stitch*  Repeat from * across row,  HDC in last stitch. You’ll have 20 stitches. Chain 2 turn.

Repeat rows until you have 17 rows, ending with HDC  row.  Fasten off, weave in ends.


The Double Crochet Around Post is a very easy stitch and works well on a dish cloth. I’ve also used it as a decorative stitch on afghans.


Here is my debut video showing you how to do the stitch:


Hope I’m not to scary in the video! lol

Happy crocheting!  :)

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  1. I love making dishclothes, but I am a knitter! I love the look of the crocheted ones.
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  2. Im gonna show these to my mom to make. They look cool!
    Becca recently posted..ReUsable Trash Cans for the CarMy Profile


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