This Week’s Favorites

This Week’s Favorites is a collection of articles I loved to read, recipes and crafts I want to try, or recently tried.


Natural Health:

Herbal Remedies
homemade Bug Be Gone
Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy

Lemon Honey Drink – for sore throats
Clay as a Natural Home Remedy
Homemade Natural Lipstick


To Read or Do:

Why We Don’t Do Allowances
Why You Should Shun Cheap Groceries
Produce Weight Yield Chart

9 Things to do with Eggshells
Printable Planners – goals, calenders, church and ministry sections
What is the Definition of a Cult


To Cook:

Homemade Taquitos
Homemade Chocolate Graham Cracker S’mores
Multi Purpose Crepes or Tortillas – gluten free

Orange Chicken Vegetable Stirfry
Gluten Free Florentines
Pepperoni Cheese Balls


To Craft:

Crocheted 1950’s Style Wide Brimmed Hat
Crocheted Angry Bird Hat – kid and adult sizes
World’s Easiest Sweater

DIY Fabric Covered Bins
Versatile Bandana Quilt
Hoop and Fabric Organizer – a very nice storage system to make



I hope you found lots of new favorites, too!

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