Our Homeschool Week in Review

We had a good week this week. The kids all got their work done, and had some fun, too.

Hannah made another skirt for herself this week. She sewed it mostly by hand, she prefers it that way. She did a great job!

She wore it to the volleyball and basketball banquet on Monday night. We had a potluck “Italian Feast”, then your usual sports banquet doings. Recognitions, awards, pictures, etc. It was a very nice banquet. We brought macaroni and cheese, as well as bread. Hannah made the bread, two loaves of plain french bread, and two loaves of french bread turned into garlic bread. They were delicious. She is quite the baker. Here’s a picture of Abby and Hannah sitting at our table at the banquet with one of their teammates. (faces blurred to protect the innocent. lol)

I never have much to share about Calen. He’s working to finish up and graduate. I’m trying to get him to hurry up and finish, but he’s dragging his feet. He spends his time working at church, playing the guitar, and playing with wires. He works in the media room at church. At home, he seems to always be working with wires. Soldering and such things. I really have no idea what. lol I managed to snap a picture of him working on “something” the other day.


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