Our Homeschool Week in Review

I sent Calen, 18, out to work in the garden the other day, and he returned a few minutes later to bring me this dandelion. He’s so sweet. Although he didn’t really care me me saying so in my Facebook status for all his friends to see. lol


Speaking of Facebook status’s, here’s one from Thursday:

Mom – You weren’t doing your schoolwork you were on Facebook!
Kid – How do you know I was on FB?
Mom – You liked stuff and FB tattletaled on you!
Kid – I don’t like FB anymore!

So thank you Facebook for tattletaling on my kids! lol

Notice I didn’t use the kids name. lol Kid did do their schoolwork. I think another one of the kids will finish Algebra 1 this week. I’m very happy for her!  Only two more kids to get through Algebra. I wish I had known about Teaching Textbooks with my first two high schoolers. I like it much better than the Saxon we were using.

Abby, the eighth grader, finished her science book this week. I love this time of year when they all are finishing books. I’m sure they do , too. lol

To keep things exciting, we’ve been getting new products to review. Right now, we’re reading a supplemental science book, doing a history lapbook, reading a book about Sacagawea, and working on a high school non-fiction writing course. Look for those reviews coming over the next few weeks. Last week, I posted my latest review for the The Schoolhouse Review Crew  – Computer Science for Kids – Computer Bible Games.

Last night and tonight, Saturday, Calen and Abby are playing the guitar and singing with their band from church at two different charity events. Calen plays the guitar and Abby sings. She often is the lead singer, taking turns with the other girls. They are getting great experience performing on stage in front of other people, and helping out the families that money is being raised for. Calen has started playing the guitar on Wednesdays in the youth service. Abby sings on Sunday nights in church. Calen will sometimes play on Sunday nights if he can fit it in. He also runs the sound board, the live internet broadcast, as well as taping the service for future viewing online, and prepares the audio for radio broadcast. For both Sunday services. Yes, he’s very busy, but he loves it.

That’s our homeschool week in review!


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