In the Kitchen with Linda – Dinner Menu

Nothing major happened in my kitchen this week. Unless you count meals and snacks for everyone! On Saturday I said to hy husband – out loud – that I was so tired of coming up with meals every day. I’m just feeling so burnt out. It’s not easy coming up with all the meals and snacks for a family of 7, then we send my father in law next door supper 6 days a week. Per his request, we don’t send anything on Sundays.

So I am officially declaring Sundays my day off from the kitchen. Everyone is on their own. I will make sure that there is sandwich stuff, including plenty of homemade bread, or leftovers. I know I will have a mess to clean up on Monday. I always have a huge mess to clean up after the family has been in the kitchen. sigh….  I’m hoping a day of rest will relieve this burnt out feeling. And that I will be inspired to cook again.

I found this Free printable oven friendly dinner menu the other day. I’m adding two of the crock pot recipes to my menu this week. They look really good and, most importantly, easy!


Now…. to answer the question that I get asked about a hundred times a day……….What’s For Dinner?


In the Kitchen with Linda – Dinner Menu:


Saturday – Sabbath- Make ahead meals- Husband cooked! Fish Filets & sticks with homemade oven fries

Sunday – soup & sandwich day – Chicken sandwiches, Egg sandwiches, homemade pickles, carrot sticks

Monday – chicken – Oven Baked Chicken, baked potatoes, corn, peas

Tuesday – pizza/pasta – Pizza with garlic crust, and homemade turkey sausage and onions, carrot sticks

Wednesday – beefCrock Pot Mongolian Beef -Made with ground beef or if I have time meatballs, rice, broccoli

Thursday – chicken – Cheesy Crunchy Onion Chicken, mashed potatoes (trying to make them in the crockpot), green beans

Friday – Sabbath Dinner – Cookout – Hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade baked beans, carrot sticks, marshmallows


For more ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday


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  1. Fellow crew member now following you. I will definitely have to check out the garlic pizza crust. We love garlic! Stop by anytime!
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