Our Homeschool Week in Review

This has been an interesting week. One kid came down with a stomach virus. One kid, and their lucky mom, that would be me, came down with a cold. Another kid had a non-sickness doctor’s appointment. So not a whole lot of school happened this week.

Before all the sickness happened, Abby started volunteering at the local nursing home. I require 20 hours of volunteer work during high school. This has to be separate from any thing that the family does together. Except for one of my children that is an introvert, and would have been traumatized by having to do something alone. In that child’s case, I let them count their hours done with the family. I love being able to adjust each child’s school and volunteer work according to their needs.

Like I said, Abby picked the nursing home. My two oldest did their volunteer work there, also. I don’t have any pictures, as they are not allowed for patient privacy reasons. The first day, they were having a pizza party, and Abby helped paint the ladies nails. That was right up her alley. lol The 2nd day, she helped with Bingo, and had a one on one visit one a patient. She was scheduled for two more days this week, but got sick and had to cancel. Hopefully, she’s recovered next week and can resume her volunteering.

Do you require your homeschool students to do volunteer work?


Zach finished his Moving Beyond the Page Huckleberry Finn Literature Study. He thoroughly enjoyed the last lesson. He had to watch a movie, The Adventures of Huck Finn. He loved being able to sit and watch a movie for school, even if he did have to take notes while watching it. lol


I posted one homeschool review this week forĀ UberSmart Math Facts. Check it out!


And that’s our homeschool week in review!


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