FREE! Not Just Tacos Cookbook eBook

I bought the Not Just TacosA Journey Into the World of Authentic Latin American Cuisine cookbook last year as part of my quest to make more Mexican food from scratch. I’m sad to say that I haven’t actually made anything from this cookbook yet.  :(


Not Just Tacos cookbook ebook

FREE! Not Just Tacos Cookbook eBook

I have sat down with it a few times and read through it. The hardcover is gorgeous. It has full page pictures of each recipe. There are recipes from 22 countries included in Not Just Tacos. The recipes are sorted by country, with 1-5 recipes per country. There is also a little information about each country at the beginning of each section, and each recipe is explained including the correct pronunciation of each word, and the English translation.

Not Just Tacos is more than just a cookbook.  You will learn about the origins of each recipe and about the country it is from.

I think I have narrowed it down to first recipe I want to try. Gallo Pinto (gah-yah  peen-tah). It’s Nicaragua’s most popular dish, eaten at any time of the day. In English that is literally translated to “painted rooster”. Seriously. lol  It’s a mixture of rice and beans. My whole family actually loves beans and rice, so this is a safe 1st dish for me to try. lol

I bring all this up to let you know that this week, February 1-6th, you can download the Not Just Tacos eBook for FREE!

Just click here – Not Just Tacos eBook, and follow the directions to download your own copy.  The hardcover is a gorgeous book, so if you like the ebook, you will love the hardcover!


*Disclosure: I bought this book myself, and I received nothing no compensation for this post.

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