Displaying Wall Maps

I posted a picture of our school room earlier this year. As you can see, we don’t have very much open wall space.

Where are we supposed to hang the wall maps?

So I thought about when I was in school, they had maps on pull down rollers. Remember those?

So I set out to make one for our school room.

I bought a roller shade to fit our window, and had my husband make a wooden cornice box. I bought the shade at Walmart for $25, not exactly cheap, but cheaper than building a bigger room! The wood was given to us, so no expense there. The shade is mounted on the wall, with the cornice box over it. There is actually room inside the box to mount another shade in front of the other one for even more display space.

In addition to more “wall” space for hanging maps or other posters, we also gained a display shelf. We have Bible Drill trophies, soda cans from other countries that Missionaries have given to us, as well as a couple of other items. The kids even “decorated” it with an autographed bumper sticker from an Austins Bridge concert we went to.

You can hang any posters that you want, they just have to be a thinner paper. I have a multiplication poster that is on poster board, and the shade won’t go all the way up because of the thickness of the poster.

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  1. simpleoldgurl says:

    Hi Linda! great ideas on your Works for Me Wednesday!