Our Homeschool Week in Review

We took a couple of days off last week, as we had a wedding here! Our oldest son got married here at the house. And I made the cake. So it took extra time to make sure the house and grounds were ready for a wedding.

Abby and Zach have been doing great job on their schoolwork, so taking a couple of days off won’t effect them that much. I had planned on taking Sabbath weeks this year, like we have done in the past. Abby, however, doesn’t want to take any breaks. She wants to keep working ahead so she can graduate sooner. ¬†Zach on the other hand wants to take the Sabbath weeks. In order to keep my sanity, I’m going to keep them on the same schedule. For now. I’ll keep an eye on Zach, and if he seems to really need some time off, I’ll let him have it. Other wise, we’ll keep working.I think we’ll probably take Thanksgiving week off. Then come back for two weeks before taking two or three weeks off in December/January.

Abby and Zach have a sudden aversion to the camera. When I come near them to take a picture of them and their schoolwork, they duck, run, or hold their hands up. All the pictures I’ve taken lately, are some version of this picture.

These kids seem to have forgotten that I need their pictures to blog! lol I found Dad cleaning out the school computer while Calen and Zach watched. As soon as the boys saw the camera they tried to runaway! lol

I really need a little more cooperation here! lol Calen came home from church Thursday night with a recording of Abby singing. No video, only audio, but I thought I’d share anyway. She’s playing the piano and singing At Your Feet by Casting Crowns. Finally, something to share! lol


I’ve shared a few homeschool reviews in the past couple of weeks. I’ve linked them below in case you missed them. Stop by and check them out. They are all great products.

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And that’s our homeschool week in review. See you next week!


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