Saturday on the Farm – Garden Tour

I was able to get a little work done outside this week. The kids and I, ok, mostly the kids, spread newspaper and cardboard over this butterfly garden in the front yard.

butterfly garden

There’s a Butterfly Bush on either end of this garden. The bush closest to the camera is the biggest bush. These bushes are always covered with Butterflys in the summer. Hummingbirds like them very much, as well. In the middle of the garden is Cat Mint plant I added last year. When I was working in the garden a couple of weeks ago, I accidently pulled up a spring of the Cat Mint, so I plant it a few feet down. It’s still alive. Hopefully, in the next month of so it will be a good size. This year, I will be adding a couple of more Butterfly friendly plants. I just haven’t decided which ones yet!

The Dogwoods are blooming now. So pretty!


We also still have a few Red Bud blossoms on the trees. Beautiful little flowers. They are edible! I think they taste like lettuce. You can put them on a salad to eat. You can also made Red Bud Jelly. It’s delicious. I think it tastes like a mixed fruit jelly, lightly flavored, without the fruit.


My favorite way to eat the Red Bud blossoms is to pull the branch down a take a bite. It’s very funny to do it in front of guests. They just can’t believe you just ate a tree! roflol

All my Hostas are showing frost damage. Fortunately, they are all putting out new leaves to replace the frost damaged ones. They will be full and pretty by summer. Hopefully!


What’s blooming in ¬†your yard?

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  1. I don’t know what they are called but they are little flowers. I also have some tulips that haven’t bloomed yet. I thought about planting some butterfly friendly plants but I didn’t get the seeds yet. I may just do them next year. We are getting into May and it is still below normal temps here so I don’t know when I will be able to plant anything. That is neat you have a butterfly garden and you see a lot of butterflies during the summer.
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